“Group Leaders’ Perceptions of Interventions with Grandparent Caregivers: Content and Process”

Hayslip Jr, Bert, Julian Montoro-Rodriguez, Gregory C. Smith, and Frederick Strieder. GrandFamilies: The Contemporary Journal of Research, Practice and Policy 2, no. 2: 3.

This study samples 19 leaders of grandfamilies support groups on their experiences. It discusses the benefits of support group intervention for grandparents: including establishing a sense of belonging, gaining personal insight, and learning new skills and coping mechanisms to apply to their everyday lives. The study also touches on some of the challenges of leading support groups as well: including requiring regular attendance by all members, steering productive group discussion and establishing equal sharing time for all members. In general, this study offers a more in-depth understanding of support group interventions for grandfamilies and methods for how to better assess their quality.


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