“Depressive symptoms among grandparents raising grandchildren: The impact of participation in multiple roles”

Baker, Lindsey A., and Merril Silverstein. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 6, no. 3 (2008): 285-304.

This article utilizes results from the 2000-2002 Health and Retirement Study to examine the wellbeing among different groups of grandparents raising grandchildren. The authors specifically look at the difference in the prevalence of depressive symptoms among grandparents who are raising grandchildren and are also participating in multiple outside roles (work, volunteering, etc.) to those grandparent-caregivers who are not participating in multiple outside roles. Their results indicated that grandparent participation in multiple roles increases mental stressors and the likelihood of depression. However, they also found that the length of time in which grandparents have been caring for grandchildren is an important factor to consider: with grandparents, who recently began caring for their grandchildren, having their wellbeing decline when participating in multiple roles compared to grandparents, who have been raising their grandchildren for longer of periods of time, actually benefiting from participation in multiple roles.