“Grandparents raising grandchildren: investigating factors associated with distress among custodial grandparents.”

Doley, Rebekah, Ryan Bell, Bruce Watt, and Hannah Simpson. Journal of Family Studies 21, no. 2 (2015): 101-119.

This study explores the relationship between the psychological health of grandparent caretakers and the social, emotional and behavioral issues of their grandchildren. The study also assesses the relationship between psychological well-being in grandparents and access to informal social support. Results from a sample of 100 grandparents indicated that those caring for grandchildren with emotional and behavioral issues reported greater levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Although grandparents with greater access to informal social support experienced less depression and anxiety, they did not feel it lessened the impact of raising children with multiple issues. The authors then discuss recommendations for intervention-type services to assist grandfamilies.