“Latino families in the nexus of child welfare, welfare reform, and immigration policies: Is kinship care a lost opportunity?”

Ayón, Cecilia, Eugene Aisenberg, and Andrea Cimino. Social Work 58, no. 1 (January 2013): 91-94.

This article cites the rapidly growing number of Latino children in the child welfare system as an indicator the necessity for kinship policy aimed at the needs of the U.S. Latino population. The authors argue that kinship care aligns with Latino family culture and the often increased stability it brings to children’s lives is a positive thing as it can also to keep them out of the system. However, they insist that child welfare policies have largely failed to adequately deal with the complex issues facing the Latino community: including mixed documentation status in families, high rate of poverty and cultural ideas and practices. They propose a reform of kinship licensing policy and the development of culturally sensitive practice and policy as solution to this problem.