Financial Support Services

Articles in this section discuss financial support services for grandfamilies, including their quality and ease of access.

1. Park, Hwa-Ok. “Grandmothers raising grandchildren: Family well-being and economic assistance.” Focus 24, no. 1 (2005): 19-27.

The focus of this article is grandmother-headed grandfamilies who are participating in economic assistance programs. The author aims to analyze the structure of major economic assistant programs and their effectiveness in reducing poverty among this specific demographic of grandfamilies.

2. Robinson-dooley, Vanessa, and Nancy P. Kropf. “Second generation parenting: Grandparents caregivers who receive TANF.” Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 4, no. 3 (2006): 49-62.

This article examines descriptive data from a sample of grandparent caregivers who received TANF benefits. The authors of this article provide a review of scholarly literature focused on the financial and physical health issues grandfamilies face and a review of literature on recent federal welfare reform. The results of the data are broken down into the following sections: individual characteristics, household characteristics, community characteristics, and health characteristics. The authors then discuss the data results and its implications for further research, noting that welfare programs like TANF have clear benefits for grandparent-caregivers but that policy reform should address the over-complexity of public welfare and the need for coordination of assistance across various welfare programs.